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Available Entry Roles
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:12:45 AM »
Dem: Erste Zug, 3. Kompanie
VON: Levi Ackerman
      Leutnant u./Zugführer der 1. Zug "Ackerman"
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Betr:    Available Entry Roles

Prospective Recruits

I. The FJR2 only offers three entry jobs for applicants who wish to join the unit: Gewehrschütze (Rifleman), MG schütze (Machinegunner), and MG-Helfer (MG Assistant).

     1.The Gewehrschütze is the bedrock of the German infantry. Armed with a Karabiner 98k and
          grenades, his role is to close distance with the enemy and eliminate them with grenades.

     2.The MG-schütze's primary role is to win the firefight by achieving fire superiority and allowing the rest of the
         gruppe to maneuver. His weapon of choice is the MG34 with 50-round box-magazines. Each Gruppe (Squad) has two

     3. The MG-Helfer serves as a member of the MG-trupp (MG team) to protect and assist the MG-schützen. A reliable
         marksman, he remains with the MG to provide accurate suppressive fire for the maneuvering elements of the Gruppe

II. The FJR2 also offers specialty roles for members who successfully complete Fallschirmjäger-Sprungschule (Airborne School). The school is a 4-week long course designed to teach advanced infantry tactics and weapons proficiency  (1), scouting/reconnaissance operations (2), advanced warfare (3), and airborne operations (4). Each candidate will be assessed at the end of each day to determine pass or fail. Roles available to these members are: Nr. 5 "Fives" (The automatic weapon carrier - MP40), Melder/Spähtrupp (Platoon messengers & scouts), and Granatwerfer-Schütze (Mortar Crew).

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