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Original Combat Videos from the Wehrmacht.
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:06:01 PM »
There's quite a "hidden" library of instructional videos that were used by the Lehrgang (Training Cadre) at various training and replacement facilities throughout the war. I thought it'd be nice to assemble a collection of links for people who want to view them at their own leisure.

The Platoon in Close Quarters Combat: A video on how German infantry platoons should execute a textbook assault on enemy positions. The tactical dictum espoused the use of the bayonet to deliver the killing blow to the enemy. Here we see a German infantry platoon attack Soviet Army forces in a forest. The video teaches viewers how to close the distance from shooting to melee combat.


Parachute Training: This video superficially overviews the Fallschirmschule in the early days of the war. It overviews the jump school curriculum in its entirety including the training received during the 4 week course. Very few documentation exists today about the school, and the film provides a summary of what the soldiers learned and trained.


Panzergrenadier tactics: As the war continued, the Fallschirmjager transformed from an Airborne unit to a highly mobile infantry formation. Indeed, jump operations continued throughout the war (in various scale), but they would never jump in a formation comparable to Operation Mercury (Battle of Crete). Well-equipped and highly trained, they worked alongside Panzergrenadiers on every front (particularly the SS). We can intelligently assume that as formations used to augment the SS-Panzergrenadiers, they adopted much of their tactics. For instance, Fallschirmjager and panzergrenadier formations both used two light machineguns per squad. At Normandy, Arnhem, and at the Battle of the Bulge, Fallschirmjager units frequently rode on SS-Panzers and Sd.Kfz. (half-tracks) into battle.  This video provides a perspective on what later war tactics may have looked like for Fallschirmjager units operating alongside mechanized formations.


As you guys find videos on youtube, I encourage you to post them here. While they shouldn't singularly compose your research, they're great introductory tools and visual aids to grasp an understanding of German tactics during WW2.

Village Defense: As the Germans gave ground and lost momentum, defense became an important strategy to master. Here's a video on village defense against Russian Forces. It features a platoon sized element defending against Soviet tanks and infantry. It's quite interesting to note that the video recognizes Soviet infantry tactics and nearly dispels the sterotype of Soviet human wave tactics which were quickly discarded as the war on the Eastern Front progressed. We can observe that the Russian infantry even mimics German infantry tactics: they bound without shooting to minimize exposing their position and advances under covering fire from the MG. Meanwhile German defenses are evidently centralized around the MG which is constantly displaced after firing a few bursts. Even more significantly, German troops can be seen using captured Soviet weaponry indicating that captured weapons (particularly on the Western front) was recognized even at the highest levels. Of note, pay attention to the extreme fire discipline of German forces.


Assault troops: Taking a trench? Want to do it the World War II way?


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