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DEM: Major Hans Kroh
            I./ Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

VON: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
             3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr.: Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse der Alfred Sturm

I. On 15th of December, 2018  Gefreiter Alfred Sturm expertly led an ad hoc team in Heelsum, Holland as a member of 3. Kompanie, Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 2 “Ramcke”. Gfr. Sturm exceeded expectations throughout the operation against the Americans, and especially so during the first phase of our operation. He achieved six confirmed kills during that round and his actions saved his gruppe from a hostile flanking attempt. During his gruppe's assault, many of his gruppe succumbed to wounds.  Gfr. Sturm led the remnants his his trupp to continue the assault achieving victory in the first round despite the superior opposition. His prevalence over the circumstances ultimately allowed the FJR2 to secure a draw for the match and avoid a disastrous defeat. The company requests to decorate Gefreiter Sturm  with the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse.


Public Annoucements / Promotions for December 2018
« on: December 28, 2018, 04:21:38 AM »
Dem: Erste Zug
VON: Leutnant Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr: Promotions for Hans-Joachim von Bluecher, Gerhard Fuerst, Cilas Helbrecht, Herman Josenhans, Hans Walter, Eric Wirtz

Männer der Dritte Kompanie,

I. Im Namen des Führers und Obersten Befehlshabers der Wehrmacht:

     1. Hans-Joachim von Bluecher is promoted to the rank of Stabsgefreiter for performing administrative duties for the Fsch.Jg.Rgt. 2 "Ramcke".

     2. Gerhard Fuerst is promoted to the rank of Obergefreiter in recognition of his service as the Gr. Fhr. of 2. Gruppe.

     3. Cilas Helbrecht, Herman Josenhans, Hans Walter, Eric Wirtz, and Alfred Sturm are promoted to Gefreiter for six months of faithful service.

Public Annoucements / Airborne School Graduation
« on: December 17, 2018, 01:37:41 PM »
Dem: Erste Zug
VON: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:    Standing Order Nr. 2: Airborne School

Heil Fallschirmjäger!

I. Congratulations to our candidates who successfully graduated from the Airborne School! The course comprehensively covered advanced infantry tactics and weapons proficiency  (1), scouting/reconnaissance operations (2), advanced warfare (3), and airborne operations (4). Each candidate was assessed at the end of each day to determine pass or fail.

II. Graduating Airborne School awards the following perks: (1) first-pick on specialist roles such as "Fives", MG, platoon scouts, and mortar crew (upon their institution). (2) first-pick for leadership billets. (3) Graduates may participate in Post Scriptum Airborne operations in which we will parachute into battle (upon creation with PS SDK). (4) The Paratrooper's Badge to mark distinguish graduates as a German Paratrooper and one of the most elite in the FJR 2.

III.  Graduates:

    1. Fsch. UA-Gfr. Fürst

    2. Fsch. UA-Gfr. von Blücher

    3. Fsch. Gfr. Honigsberg

    4. Fsch. Gfr. Krupp

    5. Fsch. Gfr. Sturm

    6. Fsch. Jg. Helbrecht

    7. Fsch. Jg. Josenhans

    8. Fsch. Jg. O. Müller

    9. Fsch. Jg. Walter

The Iron Cross 2nd Class is awarded to Gefreiter Krupp. His citation and certificate is posted below. Although we did not win the scrimmage match, Gefreiter Krupp's actions are in keeping with the unit's expectation of initiative and leadership.

DEM: Major Hans Kroh
            I./ Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

VON: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
             3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr.: Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse  der Thonar Krupp

I. On 3rd of November, 2018  Flieger Thonar Krupp expertly led an ad hoc team in Oosterbeek, Holland as a member of 3. Kompanie, Fallschirm-Jäger-Regiment 2 “Ramcke”. During the Axis assault, I. Zug of 3. Kompanie was nearly annihilated during Allied onslaught.  Flieger Krupp exercised initiative by encouraging and leading the remaining Zug through the the Allied kill zone. Despite heavy fire, Flieger Krupp continued to return fire, providing much needed support for his beleaguered team. During his assault, the Allied forces attempted a counter-attack which was thwarted by Flieger Krupp who demonstrated commendable initiative by exposing himself to enemy fire while engage the enemy.  Flieger Krupp continued to lead the assault from the front thereby allowing his team to enter the town of Reijerscheide. The company requests to decorate Flieger Krupp  with the Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse.


Fallschirmjäger Recruiting Office / Available Entry Roles
« on: September 28, 2018, 01:12:45 AM »
Dem: Erste Zug, 3. Kompanie
VON: Levi Ackerman
      Leutnant u./Zugführer der 1. Zug "Ackerman"
      3./Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:    Available Entry Roles

Prospective Recruits

I. The FJR2 only offers three entry jobs for applicants who wish to join the unit: Gewehrschütze (Rifleman), MG schütze (Machinegunner), and MG-Helfer (MG Assistant).

     1.The Gewehrschütze is the bedrock of the German infantry. Armed with a Karabiner 98k and
          grenades, his role is to close distance with the enemy and eliminate them with grenades.

     2.The MG-schütze's primary role is to win the firefight by achieving fire superiority and allowing the rest of the
         gruppe to maneuver. His weapon of choice is the MG34 with 50-round box-magazines. Each Gruppe (Squad) has two

     3. The MG-Helfer serves as a member of the MG-trupp (MG team) to protect and assist the MG-schützen. A reliable
         marksman, he remains with the MG to provide accurate suppressive fire for the maneuvering elements of the Gruppe

II. The FJR2 also offers specialty roles for members who successfully complete Fallschirmjäger-Sprungschule (Airborne School). The school is a 4-week long course designed to teach advanced infantry tactics and weapons proficiency  (1), scouting/reconnaissance operations (2), advanced warfare (3), and airborne operations (4). Each candidate will be assessed at the end of each day to determine pass or fail. Roles available to these members are: Nr. 5 "Fives" (The automatic weapon carrier - MP40), Melder/Spähtrupp (Platoon messengers & scouts), and Granatwerfer-Schütze (Mortar Crew).

Public Annoucements / Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 - Three Year Anniversary
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:30:53 AM »
Dem: Erste Zug, 3. Kompanie
VON: Levi Ackerman
      Leutnant u./Zugführer der 1. Zug "Ackerman"
      3./Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:    Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 - Three Year Anniversary

Heil Fallschirmjäger!

I. Many of you reading this post on the 26th of September, may see a cake icon by the names of Weiss and me. I will clarify that neither Weiss nor I am turning three years old today. However, it does mark our third year in operation. I do not usually speak of how we founded this unit or why, but here is a brief look at our history.

II. The FJR2 was an idea first conjured by Pfeffer after our disappointment in the lack of German units in the game Darkest Hour '44. Back from the Middle East for a few months, I accepted the suggestion to create and revitalize interest in German realism for the DH community. I founded the unit alongside Pfeffer, Weiss, Erichsen, Fitz, Benvolio, and Sanford on September 26, 2015. Shortly after, our first match was fought on October 11, 2015 against the Grenadier Regiment 559 which resulted in a victory for the FJR2. Having to return to the Middle East that Christmas, I put the project on hiatus. Upon my return in March, Erichsen accepted the offer to take second-in-command, and we resumed operations. For the next year-and-a-half, we fought against the 29th Infantry Division.

III. In 2017, we began working to transition our group to Hell Let Loose. We made a fateful decision to transition to Post Scriptum in August, and we resumed normal operations on August 28th. Our entry back into the Realism Community was marked by our first match with our fellow Axis unit compatriots: 9.SS, 14W, and the Lehr.

IV. Our continued success and growth is all owed to the resounding efforts of our members. This anniversary is a celebration of your hard work and devotion. Thanks to all of you, and congratulations for three years of unprecedented success

Happy Birthday FJR2!

Public Annoucements / Promotion of Obergefreiter Karl Fritz
« on: August 12, 2018, 12:46:26 PM »
Dem: Karl Fritz
VON: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:     P R O M O T I O N     O F      KARL F R I T Z

Manner der Dritte Kompanie,

I. Im Namen des Führers und Obersten Befehlshabers der Wehrmacht:

     1. Karl Fritz is promoted to the rank of Obergefreiter for two years of faithful service to the Fsch.Jg.Rgt. 2 "Ramcke"

Dem: I. Zug, 3. Kompanie
VON: Feldwebel Levi Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr: First Training on 11 August 2018 (2:00pm Eastern Time)

Fallschirmjäger of the esteemed Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2,

I. On August 11th, 2018 @ 2:00pm Eastern Time, the Regiment will host its first training marking the official launch of this Realism Unit in Post Scriptum. Training is expected to last one to two hours. The training will strictly over the basics and fundamentals of infantry tactics. It'll be new to many and a refresher for some. This will be a mandatory event for all members of the unit.

II. I look forward to seeing all of you there!

Café Oosterbeek / Original Combat Videos from the Wehrmacht.
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:06:01 PM »
There's quite a "hidden" library of instructional videos that were used by the Lehrgang (Training Cadre) at various training and replacement facilities throughout the war. I thought it'd be nice to assemble a collection of links for people who want to view them at their own leisure.

The Platoon in Close Quarters Combat: A video on how German infantry platoons should execute a textbook assault on enemy positions. The tactical dictum espoused the use of the bayonet to deliver the killing blow to the enemy. Here we see a German infantry platoon attack Soviet Army forces in a forest. The video teaches viewers how to close the distance from shooting to melee combat.


Parachute Training: This video superficially overviews the Fallschirmschule in the early days of the war. It overviews the jump school curriculum in its entirety including the training received during the 4 week course. Very few documentation exists today about the school, and the film provides a summary of what the soldiers learned and trained.


Panzergrenadier tactics: As the war continued, the Fallschirmjager transformed from an Airborne unit to a highly mobile infantry formation. Indeed, jump operations continued throughout the war (in various scale), but they would never jump in a formation comparable to Operation Mercury (Battle of Crete). Well-equipped and highly trained, they worked alongside Panzergrenadiers on every front (particularly the SS). We can intelligently assume that as formations used to augment the SS-Panzergrenadiers, they adopted much of their tactics. For instance, Fallschirmjager and panzergrenadier formations both used two light machineguns per squad. At Normandy, Arnhem, and at the Battle of the Bulge, Fallschirmjager units frequently rode on SS-Panzers and Sd.Kfz. (half-tracks) into battle.  This video provides a perspective on what later war tactics may have looked like for Fallschirmjager units operating alongside mechanized formations.


As you guys find videos on youtube, I encourage you to post them here. While they shouldn't singularly compose your research, they're great introductory tools and visual aids to grasp an understanding of German tactics during WW2.

Village Defense: As the Germans gave ground and lost momentum, defense became an important strategy to master. Here's a video on village defense against Russian Forces. It features a platoon sized element defending against Soviet tanks and infantry. It's quite interesting to note that the video recognizes Soviet infantry tactics and nearly dispels the sterotype of Soviet human wave tactics which were quickly discarded as the war on the Eastern Front progressed. We can observe that the Russian infantry even mimics German infantry tactics: they bound without shooting to minimize exposing their position and advances under covering fire from the MG. Meanwhile German defenses are evidently centralized around the MG which is constantly displaced after firing a few bursts. Even more significantly, German troops can be seen using captured Soviet weaponry indicating that captured weapons (particularly on the Western front) was recognized even at the highest levels. Of note, pay attention to the extreme fire discipline of German forces.


Assault troops: Taking a trench? Want to do it the World War II way?


Full Verision:

Café Oosterbeek / Feedback and Suggestions for Post Scriptum
« on: May 29, 2018, 10:24:44 PM »
Now that we've played Post Scriptum, I'd like us to use this thread as a forum for what we enjoyed and did not like. Let's also include suggestions along with our opinions on how we think this game could become the WW2 shooter that we desire. We're all aware of the bugs and glitches, but I want us to mainly focus this thread on gameplay and immersion/realism. What did you guys think about the weekend playtest?

Public Annoucements / FJR2 is Operational!
« on: May 27, 2018, 11:02:55 AM »
Dem: FJR 2 und Post Scriptum Community
VON: Feldwebel Levi Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:    FJR2 is LIVE!

I. Fallschirmjäger of the esteemed Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2 and members of the Post Scriptum Community, I am proud to announce our official opening! After six months of steadfast
   dedication and hardwork, we are LIVE! I am thankful to those who were part of this incredible effort to resurrect the FJR 2. Now that we're operational, there's a few points we should

     1. LET'S BE ACTIVE! Members, I encourage all of you to join our Teamspeak ( during weekend testing. Help us grow our community by playing together
         and develop relationships that will be crucial to your success in our matches and scrimmages. The friendships and comradery that you build is the sinew of our community.

     2. LET'S BE PROFESSIONALS! When we wear the tags, we must exercise a sense of responsibility and act accordingly. All members are expected to adhere to the rules of the Post
         Scriptum Community and the rules of the FJR 2. I expect us to be role models of conduct while we represent this Regiment and our fellow members.

     3. FJR 2 OPERATIONS & EVENTS: While the Regiment is officially operational, we will postpone trainings and official events until the game is released. Once again, I
         encourage all of you to remain active during the testing period, but there will be no events with mandatory attendance requirements. Continue to keep an eye on announcements
         and the teamspeak for dates in the near future!   

II. Thank you all for your support, I continually look forward to working with all of you! Let's go out there and have a great time!


Café Oosterbeek / Rules of Conduct on the Forums
« on: March 29, 2018, 10:37:00 PM »
Dem: All Guests and Members
VON: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
        3. /Fsch.Jäg.Rgt.2 "Ramcke"

Betr:    Rules of Conduct
Bezug: Guidelines and Rules of the Fsch.Rgt.2

I. All guests and members will be held to the utmost stringent standards with regards to conduct on the forums.

     1. Any breach of policy will lead to an immediate probation of the user's account.

          a) The rules governing the conduct on the forums are:

               1. All members and guests are prohibited from discussing any matters regarding political affairs.

               2. Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated. As such, all guests and members will refrain from posting any slurs or derogatory and degrading monikers.

               3. Guests and members shall not engage in subversive acts to recruit and advertise other gaming groups on these forums unless permitted.

               4. Discussion of illegal and otherwise inherently harmful activities is not permitted.

               5. Do not post pornography.


Fallschirmjäger Recruiting Office / Example Application: Ackerman, Levi
« on: October 17, 2015, 11:07:18 PM »
In-Game Name: Squid
Desired German Name(Lastname, Firstname): Ackerman, Levi
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time (GMT-8)
Steam Profile URL:
Recruiter's Name (if applicable): Not Applicable
Can you regularly attend FJR.2 trainings on Saturdays from 2:00pm EST - 3:30pm EST? Yes
Comments, Questions, or Concerns Regarding Attendance: I may not be able to attend trainings on the last Sundays of each month.
Do you have any specialty roles that you are already interested in? I am interested in using the MG-34
Previous Experience in Realism (Unit and Game):  Yes (1st RB, 506th PIR - Day of Defeat).
Do you own and operate a microphone?: Yes
Do you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the FJR.2? Yes
Please briefly explain how you found out about the FJR 2: I saw the FJR 2 Steam thread.
Explain why you wish to join this unit: I wanted to find a unit of like minded players who enjoy competitive gaming in a historical context. FJR 2 provides a healthy balance between competitive teamwork oriented gameplay and historical immersion.


Welcome to Fallschirmjäger Regiment 2. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to your application. Please complete the application below to the best of your ability. If you need help you may contact Weiss or Ackerman. We will respond to your application promptly and ask for your patience during this process.

1. Make sure you create a new topic!
2. Click [select] and copy/paste the bullets into your application.
3. Fill out the application.

TITLE OF THREAD: "Application: Lastname, Firstname" (in German)

Code: [Select]
[b]In-Game Name:[/b]
[b]Desired German Name(Lastname, Firstname):[/b]
[b]Steam Profile URL:[/b]
[b]Recruiter's Name (if applicable):[/b]
[b]Can you regularly attend FJR.2 trainings on Saturdays from 2:00pm EST - 3:30pm EST?[/b]
[b]Comments, Questions, or Concerns Regarding Attendance:[/b]
[b]Do you have any specialty roles that you are already interested in?[/b]
[b]Previous Experience in Realism (Unit and Game):[/b]
[b]Do you own and operate a microphone?:[/b]
[b]Do you agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the FJR.2?[/b]
[b]Please briefly explain how you found out about the 2.FJR:[/b]
[b]Please briefly explain why you wish to join this unit:[/b]

An example of an application: here

Kompanie Contact Information:
Levi Ackerman
Steam Profile: Leutnant Levi Ackerman
Fourier Jakob Weiss
Steam Profile : Stabsgefreiter Jakob Weiss

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